♣️ Blackjack Fortune VIP | Basic Black Friday session ♣️

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Lunasta ilmaiskierrokset ja 100% talletusbonus!

♣️ https://www.blackjakob.com ♣️
A plain #BJ session on last (Black) Friday, making a decent profit within 10 minutes. Punting some side bets might have been the better decision. Enjoy it on this #Cyber #Monday. Check the special ¹K session – if you haven’t yet – here: https://youtu.be/N6_VtTjMf7c.
Best, your #DealToTheDealer
Play responsibly | ?

⚠️ Important: Not every game session ends with a win!

ℹ️ Session info:
? 29.11.2019 20:30 UTC
? Anfangsbetrag/Starting amount: 4000.00€
? Einsatz/Stake: 1x/2x [ 250.00€ ]

⚠️ Always keep following points in mind:
1️⃣ Gambling is not a way to make money.
2️⃣ Only gamble with money you could afford to lose.
3️⃣ Set yourself a limit.
4️⃣ Never chase any losses.
5️⃣ Take breaks frequently.

ℹ️ Prevent/Help regarding gambling problems:



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