Chanel WOC Review & WIMB – 2016

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Lunasta ilmaiskierrokset ja 100% talletusbonus!

Welcome back to my channel. This video covers a review of my Chanel WOC as well as how I store it and also what I carry with me on a usual outing ”WIMB”. Hope you enjoy.

Item Mentioned:
Chanel Wallet on Chain ”WOC”, Special Edition Lady Luck Casino WOC
2016 Casino Collection

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  • PreMeYumLife 2 vuotta sitten

    Great video n love ur WOC!!! 😍 Have a fab fab week momma! 😘😘😘 Sandy

  • Elle W 2 vuotta sitten

    I love this WOC. Re-issue is my fave and I really like the worn look of the leather. Fantastic video. Have a great day. Xx

  • Stanleydragonjr 2 vuotta sitten

    Love this WOC. So happy you have this treasure in your collection

  • felicia muccini 2 vuotta sitten


  • Lora Fulton 2 vuotta sitten

    Love the reissue look!

  • MSpanders10 2 vuotta sitten

    So pretty I love the look of this WOC.

  • Nicole Novo 2 vuotta sitten

    I found the casino woc at the Chanel boutique at the Woodland Hills California Westfield mall! I asked to see it and tried it on, I fell in love with it instantly! It was the $2,100 price tag that made me out it back down and not buy it!

  • Nicole Novo 2 vuotta sitten

    Gorgeous and stunning casino woc! I want it so bad! #Jealous

  • 2NYCChicks 2 vuotta sitten

    Such a great bag!! So cute – extra special 🙂 xx

  • mimi lynn56 2 vuotta sitten

    this bag is beautiful

  • PURSEDIVA 2 vuotta sitten

    You have great taste my friend👌🏽😍. If you ever grow tired of this beauty call me😉📞🙏🏽. Tfs and enjoy!

  • Coco Supernova 2 vuotta sitten

    I love this little precious one Nettie xx Oh and I think you need a power bank a small one enough to give u at least extra 2 hour charge. Lovely bag xx love yah!

  • MaryEllen After 60 2 vuotta sitten

    I think this is perfect for you, Nettie. Always love to see how neatly you pack you handbags. Blessings, and love….MaryEllen

  • ItsOnlyWarPaint 2 vuotta sitten

    It's a fab statement 🙂

  • HoneyB563 2 vuotta sitten

    I like the uniqueness of this bag! I purchased my WOC (classic style)in a dark grey because I felt everyone had the classic in black so I understand your attraction to this one. I never use the zippered pocket that's on the inside flap, I wish they would do away with it. I store mine the same way as you but I also put a piece of felt where the zipper is, I'm afraid of an indentation. Anyway, great video!

  • Janet Tezcan 2 vuotta sitten

    Such a cool WOC so different, love it.

  • LuvMeLuxe 2 vuotta sitten

    Great review Nettie! It's so cute!! 🙂

  • juls_luvs_ lv 2 vuotta sitten

    I really love your WOC.. Its so unique! So glad you were able to add it to your collection! I saw a flap bag in this style when I was at the Chanel boutique inside Nordstroms…I wanted to take a photo but was so memorized because I couldn't believe I was actually in there AND FORGOT to take it !.. Thank you for the review.. Have a wonderful evening… xoxo!

  • ime 2 vuotta sitten

    hi is this aged calfskin or reg calfskin?

  • MiMi Mo 2 vuotta sitten

    Love love love your WOC. Generally I don't really like WOC, as it doesn't hold enough for me. But the WOC that you have is really stunning, particularly the CC logo on the bottom.

  • CapeCodBelle 2 vuotta sitten

    I love this WOC! I have the classic black with with gold quilted WOC, but I would love to add this one to my collection! It's amazing!


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